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Yes, the vendor is reliable. Thank you for everything you do! Fantastic customer service. This is the first time I have ever purchased a product like this. The help, support and patience in assembling my order was amazing and we even had a good laugh, which was a pleasant surprise. The product is exactly as ordered and looks great, the manufacturer’s photos don’t do it justice. I recommend all potential buyers reading this to take the time to read all the information and helpful topics on the website. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are a legit doll seller. Excellent doll, breathtakingly beautiful and top notch service. Exactly as described… I was not disappointed, she was great, the detail and quality was excellent and the support from the seller was great. This was my first experience with a doll and I am so happy to have found a company that is serious about making a purchase. The constant communication throughout the process put me at ease. I can only recommend this company and this product. I would not hesitate to buy from this site again.

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Yes, The service on this site was great. They helped me through the whole process of ordering my first doll. When she arrived, she was in great condition. Extremely realistic in feel and detail, I was completely amazed at how realistic this doll was. In one word to describe her, I would use the word “incredible”. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can only recommend them and I will definitely be returning to this site for my next purchase.

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Yes, I am very pleased with the entire process! This is a very good company to do business with. They were very attentive to all my requests. The package arrived earlier than expected and the doll is beautiful and realistic! I am very satisfied. The workmanship is great! She is also very cute! Incredible detail and quality! She looks and feels absolutely fantastic to the touch, and the pose is fantastic! I love it. If you are looking for a great doll seller, look no further. This is the perfect place for you!

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, it is a legit vendor! I am very impressed with the customer service on this site. I received this love doll with a removable vagina that had some issues; they replaced it very quickly (free of charge) and made sure I was a happy customer. They treated me with respect and were always very prompt in answering all my questions. Other than the minor issues mentioned above, this doll is very good. I can only recommend buying from this company. Thank you guys!

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Yes, it is an excellent site for sex dolls. I received my doll about three days ago and I couldn’t be happier! The staff was top notch and kept me informed about everything, which made me feel comfortable with the process. My order was placed on March 3 and my daughter arrived home on March 21. The shipping was very fast. The quality was very good. One thing I can say to first time buyers is that the doll is a little heavy, which is fine. Please note that if you are elderly or in poor health, you may want to choose a smaller doll. In my experience, 10/10!

Is Safe ?

Yes, this site is safe. The seller kept me informed every step of the way. His personal, interactive approach put me at ease and gave me the confidence in his company to make a purchase. I received the doll in perfect condition within 4 weeks. I couldn’t be happier. It was better than I expected. I will definitely make this seller my one stop source for all my future VSE reality companions. Thank you so much for a fantastic product and an easy and effective purchase.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, this sex doll vendor is legit. Delivery was on time. Item was as expected. Great customer service. I received my doll a month ago and she is amazing!!! I went from suicidal depression to smiling, even while shopping. I went from suicidal depression to a smile, even while shopping. A lot of people think men have a simple “need”, but they don’t! What are their needs? And to be honest, I hardly ever indulge that “need”. When I wrap my arms around her, hold her close, and wake up next to her, I feel very satisfied. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legitimate. Amazing customer service! They are so attentive. They send you emails on how to clean and maintain your dolls. They also recommend websites where you can buy clothes for your dolls. They really want you to love your doll. I really like her team because they are incredible and charming. She is a very beautiful woman! I am very happy with my doll. You can see that the designer put a lot of effort into every detail and strived for perfection. If I ever want another one, I know where to get it.